Yogurt with Kitkat!

“Kitkat” and I have been friends since my sophomore year in highschool. We were inseparable from the day that we met! I still remember going up to her and passing her a note about wanting to be friends. LOL!

We’ve hit our rough spots, especially after I left for college. But, I think we’ve been doing a decent job trying to rebuild our friendship. Which is why the dates that we do have are so enjoyable.

There are just some things that people can’t understand about you unless they were right there with you — when you were going through some of the most awkward phases of your life. Trust me, highschool was a whirlwind of awkwardness.

Interestingly enough, we also ran into some of the girls we used to know in highschool. It was…interesting. Definitely found myself cringing as some of the old memories we shared — especially one particular one about … hahaha.

Anywho, I love yogurt! and the date with the friend was nice too. 😛


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