I have the deepest appreciation for clouds. Whenever I feel dizzy from the stresses of my reality, I find myself staring up at the clouds above me and remind myself that I am only a piece of this world. Clouds make me feel so small — but, in a good way. I know below the clouds are so many other people with so many different types of lives with different type of stresses. I start to feel better because I know at the end of the day, the stresses in my life are so trivial. There are greater things at work in this world and I’m not about to spend my precious time on those types of matters.

So today, I was riding home with my mother and I was staring at the clouds. I snapped this picture because I just thought it was absolutely beautiful. I’m not a huge believer in religion — but, there is something magical about nature and all its functions.

I have a thing for clouds. haha.


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