An invitation, well received :)

I love waking to emails from this program! Haha. I guess it shows how much I want to be offered a position.

Today’s email, which I woke up at 6:30am to receive, was an invitation for an interview. I’ve been waiting for a chance to be interviewed for a MONTH now! I’m really happy that I finally get a real chance to be evaluated and accepted into the program.

One thing that I haven’t been doing is coming right out and telling people what exact program I’m trying to get into. It’s especially hard for me because I don’t like to say anything without knowing for sure that it’s going to happen. However, it has also been hard keeping it to myself since I am so damn excited about applying! Haha.

But, if you’ve been following my mini journey — it’s easy to assume. Hehe.

I’m definitely looking forward to announcing and telling all my friends what the next stage of my life is. So, this HAS to work out. 😛

Another thing, I was talking to AiKo about this — but, I feel strangely uncomfortable when I find out other people are also trying to teach abroad. I think it’s because I feel like this is my chance to do something really adventurous and exciting. However, since everyone else is doing it, it’s not so original anymore.

Though, what I have eventually realized is that having friends is never a harmful thing. 😀 If anything, they’ve helped reassure me and two of them have gone out of their way to help me — which I will be forever grateful.

Send me good vibes, please!


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