Crabbing at Hilton Head!!

A mini update during my stay in Hilton Head. One of the things that Sobe’s family does is go crabbing EVERY morning at 6am.  Wow, now that is dedication. I’m just glad I got to witness the crabbing skills of Mr. C — he seems to have some secret talent for catching crab this year (over 500 crabs! during the week).

We ran into so many fellow crabbers who were in awe of all the crab we caught. Haha.

I even learned how to eat these suckers. Although, I was grossed out by the nature of cracking them open … at first.


One thought on “Crabbing at Hilton Head!!

  1. they look yummy!! i’m envisioning crab cakes, crab sushi rolls, crab stuffed mushrooms, crab legs, crab salad, etc.

    btw you should post up your outlet mall spoils next! :]

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