Wow!! Huge snake outside!!

After I came back from my week long vacay, I went to Athens to pack a few of my things. For those who don’t know, I recently graduated from the University of Georgia and I’m currently back in my parent’s place — which has its benefits and several pitfalls.

Well, I went up there to pack and Sobe came to help me. As I was packing my room, I heard a lot of knocking coming from outside my bedroom window. It was obviously Sobe and I was annoyed at her screaming for me to come to the window. I eventually made my way there and yelled back at her since she was disturbing my cleaning frenzy.

All I saw was fear in her eyes and the word SNAKE! coming out of her mouth. She started to pounce around, pointing to the front door. Of course, I ran right over there and took a picture after freaking out by myself.

Sobe, on the other hand, had a more unfortunate encounter with the snake. While she was helping me move stuff to the car — she stepped over the snake and only realized what it really was on her way back. Haha!!

Man, how random!


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