the source of my recent mass amounts of stress

Here goes my haul of updates =

I haven’t updated much about my plans to go abroad since my blog post about my interview. Mostly because I was really upset about some of the news I found out towards the end of my conversation with the program coordinator.

When I first applied to this program (which I will finally disclose) EPIK, I didn’t really care about where I got placed in South Korea. EPIK is a government program to teach in the public school system in South Korea in the provinces around the capital. However, I saw that there was an additional application to teach IN the capital — which, to me, was the most ideal situation. I mean, it’s in the center of everything Korea is about!

Little did I know that applying to the program in the capital is a lot more harder than trying to get a position in one of the provinces.

During my interview, I found out that my degree would not qualify me for the Seoul program. It was really disheartening since I had already waited about a month to even get the interview. When she told me that I would be dropped from the application process — I was crushed. I was misinformed and I thought I was still applying to the provinces and only put the Seoul program as an option if I qualified.

I really felt like I was going to explode with disappointment. How did I pass the application stage and interview without being told that in the end, I wasn’t qualified. Sheesh!

Luckily, there is a Plan B – I had to get a teaching certificate if I wanted to become “qualified” and that’s what I’m doing now or … trying to do.

On top of this 100 hour online teaching certificate (which cost me about $200) and having to finish it by the end of the month — I have this whole apostilled crap to deal with.

Anyone who is trying to get a working visa from another country has to get some legal documents “apostilled”. It’s like getting something notarized but more officially.

Well, let me tell you. It is the greatest pain in my ass. What I hate is that everyone you talk to, tells you different things.

For example, I wasted more than a week for my CBC (criminal background check) to come in. But, I didn’t have my fingerprints printed on cardstock but on computer copy paper — WHICH I WAS SPECIFICALLY TOLD TO DO. When I found that out, I hauled ass to Decatur to get them done at the GBI (georgia bureau of investigation who does the official state wide check) and now I have to wait another couple of days. I would of went down to the GBI myself, but NO – I was told to mail in my request for a criminal background check and have my fingerprints done at my local police department. I even had to mail them a self addressed envelope — which the kind lady who helped me at the GBI said that was wrong also. My goodness people, this should not be that hard.

Sigh. That was only the beginning of a long sequence of frustrations — I’m going to do a document breakdown once I get everything together. I think it will be really helpful for those who want to go work overseas, especially for a program like this one.



2 thoughts on “the source of my recent mass amounts of stress

  1. the greater the hassle, the sweeter the reward!

    my friend went through 2.5 months of waiting, people telling her different things, calling around, etc. but she finally landed a great job so in the end everything will work out for you, stella! 🙂

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