a seal of approval

Holas everyone!

So I’m a bit glad to see my blog picking up a small (very small) group of followers. Followers as in my sorority sisters — LOL! I appreciate the love either way. Haha. 😛

Back to the update.

In my previous post, I wrote that I was having trouble getting my documents together. Now that I’ve actually finished and sent it away, looking back — it wasn’t the apostille that was hard to obtain, it was the time and energy that I put in trying to gain information on how to do things correctly.

There is absolutely NO information on the correct procedure on how to gain these documents correctly. I mean, I don’t think I would of minded doing this whole process through trial and error if I had more time. The reality is that the time I initially applied and the date of the orientation for the program is literally 2 months. If you don’t think that’s short, well, let me educate you on what the process has been thus far.

In that time I had to do this –

1. June 2nd = The program opened up their application process in May. It took me till June to get my recommendations together. I really regret not asking my professors sooner because I literally had to hunt them down during the summer via web. Haha. Bless their hearts — because in the end, I got great recommendation letters! So anyway, I sent in my application on June 2 (it ended on the 15th) along with scanned copies of my recommendation letters. I also found this application attachment if I wanted to work in the capital (Seoul) so I filled that out too along with a lesson plan. Quite honestly, I had no idea what to do about the lesson plan. I ended up just copying the sample they gave me — which, would bite me in the butt later. Anywho, on June 2nd, I was happy as pie because I finally turned it in.

2. June 7 = Almost a week later and I got a reply from EPIK about my lesson plan. Thank goodness they let me write it all over again because I do admit, I kind of made the lesson plan in like 30 mins. However, when they wrote me that it had to be 2 pages or more, I knew if I really wanted this — No half assing. So I sat myself down and really banged it out. I ended up with a 4 page lesson plan. Haha.

3. June 13 = Another week later and I get notification about being screened. Um, thanks? So I wait again.

4. June 23 = After more than a week, I started to get really nervous because I haven’t heard about whether or not I passed the screening. Pretty much a screening is for them to check your application out to see if they should even be interested. Haha. I actually emailed them on the 20th saying that it’s been more than a week and I received a reply on the 23rd saying that I passed the screening stage and now I will be contacted for an interview.

5. June 24 = One day later (now that’s the kind of updates I’m talking about! I was so tired of waiting every week. LOL.) and I get contacted for an interview. The dumbass I am, I jumped at the first chance — which was 4:00pm KOREAN time. Translate? 3:00am Eastern for ME! How fun.

6. June 29 = Well, if you look at the initial time of my application, it took me 28 days to conduct an interview. (28 days? zombieees) So mini story, the day before, I was having anxiety attacks. I had shortness of breaths, gagging, coughing, weak stomach, and my eyes kept tearing up. I must have really wanted to do well … 3:00am rolls around and I become impatient and just want to get it over with. Haha. Btw, thank GOODNESS that my fellow friend (Malik – who already go accepted to EPIK! congrats! yay) sent me a list of possible questions that his recruiting agency sent him. Let me tell you — they asked me every single question.

Right after my interview, I got an email saying I passed. If you’ve read my past blog posts you would know that during the interview, I was also told I wasn’t qualified. I laugh .. and cry. However, I can take a TEFL 100 hour online course — only catch? I have to finish it by the end of July.

Next mission? Send in all my documents so that I can get approved by the actual government program in Seoul (SMOE) so that they can get me approved by the government educational department (POE) so that I can get a letter of appointment (aka getting a position) so that I can then apply for a visa (to actually live in korea for a year).

7.  July 14th = THREE WEEKS it took me to gather all my documents because I started on the most time consuming one — the criminal background check. That took so long (read my previous blog post) since I got the wrong information and had to figure out the right way all by myself. But, I sent it all in that very day since the GBI called me to pick up my CBC. I drove right over there, picked it up, and took my documents to get apostilled (thank GOD Sobe told me to get my diploma notarized already). The total amount to express mail my package was $68 and some odd cents. Too much? I didn’t care at that point. I didn’t come this far to lose a position because I wanted to pay only $20 for it to take 2 weeks. HAHA.

So now, I’m just waiting again. I guess the actual process is not that hard, but then again, I am looking at the past and it just seems easier. I’m also very dramatic when things don’t go my way — probably why it was so painful to go through. Haha.

This morning I got an email from EPIK saying that if I don’t have my documents in by the 21st, I would be wait listed. It’s scheduled to arrive on the 19th. You get what you pay for. 😛


2 thoughts on “a seal of approval

  1. Oh my gosh. I finally got updated on what was going on (and understanding your frustrated tweets)

    GOOD LUCK with the studying!!! You got this, LS! ❤

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