Family First?

For some reason, I’ve been feeling so frustrated these past few weeks. I do everything I can to not be around my parents and my brother (we’ll save my feelings for him for another post) or even to sleep over at the house.

ECKO (my sorority little sister and another bff) thinks it’s because I’m itching to leave the country and I’m starting to feel impatient. Sobe says that I shouldn’t use this time to take my parents for granted. I know if I’m really leaving, I should try to spend as much time with them as possible.


I personally think it’s because I’m having trouble adjusting to being so closely aligned to my parent’s routine. I just recently graduated — and honestly, the past few years I’ve lived entirely by myself and for myself. To move back into a place where I come second place to their needs is really driving me insane.

In other news, I got an email update from the program saying that they received my documents! I hope I hear from them soon — with a position offer! *crossing fingers* Which means I should really focus on finishing my TEFL course …. cough.


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