my test mates :) – TEFL course completion!

I’m FINISHED! — with my TEFL course that is! Haha.

I took this picture the night that I was currently trying NOT to claw out my eyeballs with my highlighter. I had to sit in awe of the amazing support group that I have and two of which who spent the entire night helping me with my final test.  (L to R: ECKO and Sobe)

The test is for a TEFL 100 hour online certification course. I need this to better my chances to teach abroad. However, I read that these TEFL courses are only valued in Asian countries and especially in South Korea. The course that I picked was from ITTT and I chose to do the 100 hour course WITHOUT the tutor. I personally wanted to do the tutor one, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish it since I needed to get certified asap.

FYI segment –

ITTT course WITH a tutor is 20 TEFL lessons that you are responsible to fill out worksheets for. After each lesson, you are going to email them to your personal tutor who grades the worksheets and provides feedback. The positive part is that you get someone to “double check” your work and that you don’t have to take a final test. The bad part is that you have to pay extra for the tutor (alot of people say is a person who just says “good job”) and it takes longer because you do have to wait for the tutor to email you back to send you the next lesson to complete.

The course WITHOUT the tutor is very simple. They send you several emails with the course lessons as separate attachments and the rest is up to you. You have a final test consisting of 18 pages and you have to finish it within 24 hours.

How someone can finish that test in 5 to 8 hours is crazy! I made sure to answer every question and as thoroughly as possible — it took me 13 hours (non-consecutively) to finish that bizotch. I really think it would have taken me longer if I didn’t have my “A Team” to help me find all the grammar points and help jog some ideas for classroom activities.

Well, I also don’t think it helps that I take my time on written assignments. I hate leaving things up to chance (I’ve learned that lesson a long time ago) and when I’m given an assignment — I make sure to turn in something that I can put my name on. I know to some, especially from the posts I’ve read on esl forums, this course is not a big deal and in fact, some people wrote that they only fill out 75% of the final test because they just want to pass. I can’t do that though and I’m glad that I finished it in its entirety because I did learn how to apply the course’s lesson techniques.

All I have to say is that I better have passed!


3 thoughts on “my test mates :) – TEFL course completion!

  1. Hi there,
    Im currently doing 100hr ittt course too. Ive done all 20 units and just reading through them now. I need to set a date for ma exam so I have motivation to prepare for it. Desipte reading through them, I dont think im absorbing the content right. I did not take 5 hours for each topic when I did them, but through worksheets and practice I understood. However, im stuck on how to prepare for it. Like you, I struggle/dislike grammar part, and since I never quite understood in at school I have a difficult grasping it now too, specially all the different tenses and their forms and usages.
    Would u suggest to prepare before hand? If so, how? Or should I just go for the exam?
    Thank you so much,

    Kind regards,

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