another deadline…

Today is Wednesday. I have until Monday to send a digital copy of my TEFL course.

The problem is that I still haven’t received any updates on my test and I’m afraid that I won’t meet my Monday deadline. I had to ask my program coordinator what the options were if I didn’t meet it.

What frustrates me the most is that I don’t get the full details of this application process. I feel like I spend more time waiting for the next step rather than preparing for it. Even with the TEFL course, I was told to finish it by Aug. 1st and then have the actual certification document by Aug. 17th.

Now, I get notified that although the deadline is August 1st,  I need the digital proof of certification by August 2nd. Does that make sense? It takes up to 10 days to even get the results. If I was told that I needed to do this in the first place, then I could of planned EARLIER. I am so frustrated, beyond belief.

OMG .. I feel stressed and I just got an email from the course stating that I can’t get it by this Sunday.


— update!

Sorry, I was a bit dramatic there. Haha. Pretty much I had to pay the course another $100 to rush my grading and my certification. I found out the next day that I passed. I worked it out with my recruiter that I could show her the confirmation email from the course and she would wait for the digital version to come in later.


2 thoughts on “another deadline…

  1. these people sound hella unorganized.
    i feel like you’re gonna hate it once you get there.
    but in the mean time,
    i hope you get everything straightened out.

  2. It is pretty disorganized at some points, but I think I got lucky with my recruiter. She’s always open for questions and tries to help me. I think it’s just the way the program works. Haha.

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