SMOE Fall 2010?!

Yep, that’s right! I finally got the confirmation that I’ve have been waiting for the past two months! Now, that it’s here — I’m a bit dumbfounded at the fact that I have to leave in a little more or less than 2 weeks. I really can not see myself living in Korea.

All this time, I don’t think I was actually seeing this opportunity for what it is. I mean, HOLY CRAP! — I’m going to be living in Korea for a year! Granted that I am a bit excited, but mostly scared. I just gotta grow some balls and make this experience the best it can be.


When are you leaving? – I have to be in Korea by the 17th for orientation!

How long is orientation? – It’s about 10 days (2 weeks).

Well, when do you start teaching? – I will begin on Sept. 1st

Where are you teaching then? – I have no earthly idea! The way the program is set up, you have to finish orientation before they place you.

What age are you teaching? – Same answer as above. Haha.

Where are you going to live? – I get a sponsored apartment. However, it can either be shitty or real nice. LOL! I’m mostly concerned about this issue. I refuse to live in a crap hole.

How much do you get paid? – Well, I think about 2,000 in dollars. It depends on my contract though and it’s like take it or leave it. Hopefully I don’t get less than that!

Are you scared? – Hell yes. But, I’m determined to have fun, be crazy, and teach the crap out of children.

Are you going to come back married? – You would be surprised how many people ask me this! LMAO! Well, the answer is you never know, but the likelyhood of this happening is zero to none. I’m here here to live my life the way I see it fit best — boys don’t really become a priority to me. Then again, I’m not getting any younger. Haha.

So for those trying to teach abroad in Korea — HOLLER! I would love to speak to you and if you need it, help you out too. I definitely wouldn’t be here without the help of some very good people. 😉

Now, I have to pack. Oh dear god…


3 thoughts on “SMOE Fall 2010?!

  1. congrats Stella! I am so happy about PROUD of you. You really stuck with the frustrating process when most people would have given up already. have fun, and remember to continue blogging. that was the deal 🙂 Maybe do a sisterhood before you leave? I will go out of my way to make it!! I need some relaxation before the school year starts too. 🙂

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