Medical Check stands for Pain in my A$$

Second day of orientation, but really, the official activities start tomorrow. Today was all about getting our medical check done, starting our bank account (YES!), and forming our mini groups.

Our mini groups are teams of three that have to present a given topic in form of a “real” lesson. Yes, all of 15 minutes will be an adequate example of a real lesson. -__- Haha.

The medical check was not as bad as I thought it would be because I read about some pretty horrible experiences. Just really time consuming since we had billions of mini-tests.

1. fill out paperwork 2. measure height and weight 3. eye exam 4. hearing test 5. urine test 6. blood test 7. document review 8. chest x-ray

Now, I kind of (KIND OF) understand most of these tests, but a chest x-ray? What the hell is that for? Haha.

The girls had to even undress and put on this pink pullover because there was metal in our bras. Well, standing in line with boys while you were topless under this raggedy pink shirt was awkward for me to say the least. LOL

Even the urine test was kind of funny. You peed in this mini dixie cup and you hand it to the Korean lady in the restroom. So, here we are just standing in line in the bathroom, holding our pee. Haha.

The only thing I really liked about today was finding out who we would be teaching. I ended up with my first choice — middle school!

I hope I made the right choice. I hope. 😛


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