Update Overhaul!

Oh dear, where has the time gone! Time flies when you’re thrown into survival mode. Yes, I call my transition to Korea = SURVIVAL MODE! Haha.

My main focus since I’ve been here was to really find a way to be happy. Being away from my life in Georgia is hard. I’m so used to being comfortable and being able to rely on so many people. Point blank? I needed to find people to rely on and who could feel as though they could do the same with me in Korea! It’s just the way I’m built. Haha. So yes, my entire attention has been spent on that.

Orientation was great, to me at least. I met a LOT of people and it was definitely a humbling experience to go through. It’s been a long time since I really put myself out there. Probably haven’t felt that way since freshman year of college! HAHA.

For those who want a quick recap — Orientation was full of classes led by different lecturers. Some were people who wrote the books that the public schools taught out of to those who spent a long time teaching English overseas. I’d like to say for the most part, I did learn a lot. Orientation was also a major networking opportunity! Although, I did have to REALLY put myself out there to make some friends. *blush* Wait, that sounded wrong…

Honestly, I’m really glad I chose to come to Korea for my first teaching abroad experience! Knowing the language is definitely a big help. I know that it won me a lot of points at my school, but I also can’t imagine the adjustment I would be going through if I was a complete foreigner.

I really feel blessed in all of this. I’m not sure if being so far away from home has made me into an optimist, but wow! I am simply stewing in blessings. That’s what I feel like anyway. I’m just glad to see my efforts pay off.

Like I wrote, I’ve been 100% focused on building relationships here. I think I can give myself a small pat on the back because it seems to be working out. I love the people I meet here. It’s so crazy to think that I’ve only known these people for a couple of days and yet, it feels like weeks! Haha. There are definitely a few people that I feel like I can be friends for a lifetime. 😉

Right now, it is my third day of “deskwarming”. This means that I don’t do anything but sit at my desk for 8 hours. Although, the idea is that I should be working on lesson plans! Yeah…

I did seem to do some work today at least. I even sent out my lesson plans to my fellow co-teachers. I’m not too keen on feedback, even if I say I am. Mostly because I feel like I’m the best at what I choose to do. Um, yeah I know, this way of thinking is flawed! LOL

I start teaching this Wed! I will definitely try my best to keep up this blog. I need to save pictures to post here instead of uploading everything on FB!

Until next time,

– Stella


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