Mysterious Gifts

I’ve been meaning to make a list of all the food items that magically appear on my desk. What do you mean magically you say?

Well, so take today for example. When I’m at my desk, I like to zone the eff out. So I’ll put on my headphones and go on various websites. I’ll be completely absorbed in whatever I’m doing (which is not work haha). Then, all of the sudden, I’ll see a flash of an arm! Which by the time I look up, whoever it was is no longer there and has scampered down the hall. I’ll look back on my desk to see some random ass edible item.

This happens ALL THE TIME. At first I was quite confused. Why am I receiving these items? How come some people get them and some don’t? Is it poisonous? Haha.

But, I learned to enjoy the random surprises because they are quite tasty… HAHA.

So, here’s my list: small potatoes, little yogurt drinks, powdery rice cakes with walnuts and red bean, rice cake in shape of a rose, pouches of juice, vitamin C drinks, orange juice, rice crackers, chocolate …


One thought on “Mysterious Gifts

  1. It’s so wonderful that you were placed in such a nice school/setting. You are definitely very lucky to have family members around as well! Good luck and I always enjoy reading your blog 🙂

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