Kimchi Crisis

FYI: There is a kimchi shortage in Korea right now. Yes, laugh all you want — but it’s TRUE! Haha. We had mini typhoon season in September and some parts of the country were hit harder than others. It did ruin the veggie crops here and a lot of the veggies are now triple priced. The one main staple vegetable  in Korea is the NAPA CABBAGE because it’s used for making the most commonly known kimchi and yep, it’s rare to find these days! It’s actually the most spoken subject here now. Yeah, okay, kind of funny. Haha.

Conversation with my Co-teacher –

Me:  So, what are you going to do now that there is a kimchi shortage?

T:  Well, even the stores don’t sell them anymore. It’s really hard to get kimchi, but I have some left.

Me: Oh really? Wow, thats good! You won’t be deprived then.

T: Yeah, it’s from a year ago.

Me:  Um, did you say a year?


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