it’s still the little things …

Sometimes I forget I’m living in Korea. I feel like I’ve gotten used to the routine of my life here, but there are definitely times where I think, “Wow, I wonder what I would be doing if I was back in the States right now?”.

The times when I really get overwhelmed are when I’m on those late night subway rides. I tend to think about people from home, but mostly my parents and usually starts off with thinking about what my mom is doing. I stare at the time a lot during these rides and I imagine what’s going on at my house.

People ask me if I miss my parents all the time and I usually say, uh NO. Haha. I mean I did come to Korea in order to really live apart from my parents. I wanted to earn for myself and really live for myself without feeling burdened. But, lately, yeah — I miss my parents.

Like the other day I saw this mom with her daughters. They were so  in love with their mother and wouldn’t stop holding on to her or talking to her. Immediately, I thought of my own mother and how sad she must be without feeling that kind of need from her children anymore. I know it paints a bleak picture, but honestly when we grow up — we just don’t pay enough attention to our parents…at least I know I don’t.

So when I woke up the other day and saw that I got a text message from my parents. Wow — I literally just stared at it. First of all, how do you even send a international text. LoL. What did it say?

“Love You”

Man, it makes me want to buy a plane ticket and go home for a few days to surprise them. Although I know they will probably slap me for wasting too much money and I’ll instantly regret pissing them off! HAhhaha.

On another note, I’ve been really sick lately. However, it’s kind of amazing to see how many people are checking up on me daily, offering meds, and giving me advice on how to get better (aka NAGGING AT ME for being dumb and going out every night .. hehehe). I was really like — uh, whoa. I mean, I’m far away from the people who know and care for me the most and yet, I’m receiving all this love.

I literally count my blessings everyday — nothing’s better than knowing that people notice when you’re sick or sad or having a bad day. ❤

Speaking of friends (sorry, this is turning into a random ass post), I am completely in awe that I have found at least two people in Seoul that really get me. I find that I tend to talk to a lot of people — but at the end of the day, I only let a handful really have my loyalty and trust.

I shall name them VD and BB — well they are the ones in Seoul that I feel like we’re friend soulmates. Yes, I have a theory about friend soulmates — HAHA. I’ll save that for another post. (or should I say SEOULmates! haha … k, I stop.)

But, seriously — they probably have no idea how much I love them dearly. To think that I would have missed out on such great friends if I didn’t move to Korea?! That’s just heartbreaking! ㅋㅋㅋ

I met VD on the last day of orientation when we were on our bus getting shipped off to meet our new coTeachers. She was the loud, energetic girl with the gossip and you know I love me some gossip. I met BB when I was randomly introducing myself to different lunch tables (yes, I did that … and yes, I felt embarrassed — but I was determined to find friends haha) and I saw that he had a very distinct name. He was also very well dressed and when he told me he also read — I knew it was just meant to be. 😛

I’m so excited for my besties in the States to visit in February and have them meet my besties in Seoul —– argh! I will just die of happiness! Haha.

Not to say that there aren’t more amazing people in Seoul and yes, there are plenty. It really motivates me to go out and meet people because you never know who you’ll end up with. ❤


5 thoughts on “it’s still the little things …

  1. Awwww, I’m so glad ur having a good time and really sinking in over there!!!

    But man, it sure got to me when u wrote about ur parents’ text…. hahaha… brings a tear to your eye, that kinda thing…

    miss u and see u soonnnnn!!! =D

  2. “I know it paints a bleak picture, but honestly when we grow up — we just don’t pay enough attention to our parents…at least I know I don’t.”

    So true…or we don’t pay attention unless something happens 😦

    I must say, I’m looking forward to your frequent posts. (Don’t gag, but I almost cried after reading this one.) Really. I may not say this as often as I should, but I’m very proud of you LS 🙂

  3. This post really touched me… I guess I can relate to the whole parents things. It is obvious from this post that you are growing and learning each day in very positive ways. You should be very proud of yourself 🙂

  4. i have my moments of growth … ahahahaha
    no seriously — living somewhere far really makes more insightful …. i think? lol
    thanks ngoc — always a pleasure to hear from you ^^

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