Anniversaries <3


Man, when I read my past posts, I find myself feeling awkward. I really had no idea what my life would be like in Korea and now here I am blogging about it being 3 months. Haha. Life is funny.

Here are my anniversary dates since August =

15th : when I first landed in Korea. I always try to recall how I felt when I left the plane. I remember going to the bathroom to .. well, pee .. but also to just to take a moment and pull myself together to face my new environment. Whoo! Crazy times and crazy emotions.

17th : when I first realized what exactly I signed up for. It was the first day of orientation and I was so jittery + nervous! OMG, I was freaking out. Would I make friends? Where the hell is this building? Where do I go? Who is my roommate? Would I make friends? Seriously, WOULD I MAKE FRIENDS? LOL.

25th : PAY DAY!! I like getting paid and … that’s about it. Haha. Getting paid is really new for me because I have spent almost my entire life working for my parents. To finally do something worth being paid for is a really enjoyable feeling. Whenever I get my pay stub — I stare at it and smile a big, goofy, dopey smile because MONEY = MORE Possibilities and I have many things to experience.

So, those are my anniversaries that are special to me Korea! BB (my bff in Seoul) counts the 17th as our frieniverary because we met on the first day at orientation. LOL.

Anywho — goodnight!


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