six years

Happy SIX year anniversary to my lovely line sisters — Lambda class! (11/19)

All I have to say is, WHO KNEW!? Seriously, who knew we would make it this long! I’m still surprised every year at how much we’ve grown as individuals since the first time we met in college. The one thing I love about my class is that we always make an effort to keep up with each other even though we may be on completely different paths. It is true though, sisterhood is everlasting, but with those who put in as much effort as you do. I’m glad that our class has found a balance in how to keep our connection through all these years. Which also means when we can finally have the time to sit for a chat, we know not to make plans to sleep because we are up all night. Haha.

Each of them definitely hold a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful for the times we’ve had together because in the end, we weren’t forced to stick by each other through it all — we chose to do it.

Much love to my line sisters: xXx, diva, sunshine, jazzy, and momo ❤

“Lambda Class in Yo Face!” – Fall 2004

Tangent =  I was asked to write a little tidbit of how I would be spending Thanksgiving in Korea. AH! You have no idea how much I love Thanksgiving. It’s the one holiday that our whole family used to get together for (yes, used to … sadly) and the one event where pigging out is expected as well as encouraged. HAha.

The link will also take you to our National Sorority Newsletter: “The Jade Times” with editor-in-chief being May Advincula (my lovely line sister)! Go check it out by clicking on THIS THIS THIS! 😀

I’ve actually decided to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin on base and I’m allowed to bring 2 guests so of course, gotta take my besties VD and BB. Other than that, we’ll see. However, I am looking into eating at a notoriously delicious restaurant that known for serving duck. mMmmmm


One thought on “six years

  1. Unbelievable how fast time flies, but you’re so right, I’m so glad our class (despite our initial bumps) finally figured it out..haha.

    Happy anniversary, LS. Next goal: Lambda Class trip to KOREA! 😀

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