“Fly, Daddy, Fly”

Wiki link on the synopsis —> HERE!

Currently watching this film on my  new TV! (well, computer monitor) hehe. I bought it a few days ago because I found out I’m paying for cable and internet. Um, there was absolutely no cable happening on the TV that the school gave me — it was too darn old to be cable compatible. Haha.

Anyway, I randomly started watching this film and I freaking love it. It’s about this older man who feels like he couldn’t protect his daughter from being assaulted by the rich athlete from her school. After he tries to stab the rich kid (and fails), the school bad boy agrees to help train him.

I keep thinking of my dad and what he would have done. LOL!! I know my dad would kill some hoes — no joke. Just makes me miss him that much more. ^^

Also, I took a class on Korean films in college. The bad boy character in this movie is the really feminine clown in “The King and the Clown”. It was one of the movies that we had to watch in the class — definitely watch it. I was like, whoaaa that is not him!! 😛 Although I do have to say, his face is truly flawless and he almost looks like an anime character.

Usually I would be out and about and I don’t know what it is about Korean weather (ITS SO COLD), but I am always wanting to hibernate in my room. Yep, getting this new TV does NOT help.

23 inches of gold~


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