Why is no one afraid?!

Yesterday, North Korea attacked one of the islands of South Korea. You can read an article summing up the incident –> HERE!

I’ve lived in the States my entire life and never once have I felt any presence of impending DOOM. Which is why 9/11 was so shocking — it happened on our turf! Yet, even now, we go about our lives remembering what happened, but no one fears for their lives on a constant basis.

Now, I’ve been in Seoul since August and it’s been a little more than 3 months. Since I’ve been here — 1. North Korea shot across the DMZ border and South Korea returned fire 2. North Korea shells a South Korean island near the sea border and once again, South Korea returns fire.

Is this scary? Yeah, kinda. Honestly, I’m more confizzled since I turn to all my co-workers and they don’t really seemed to be phased by it. Everyone goes about their day and does some “tsk tsk-ing” about the situation. Not to say they don’t care at all, I mean they care, but to them it’s just North Korea up to their tricks again.

It just really opened my eyes about what the relationship is between the North and South. Apparently, North Korea does this on occasion to stir some ruckus and try to get more materials that South Korea offers after such events to make “peace”. I think it’s all so stupid — I mean, PEOPLE DIED.

I guess being a foreigner, I’m not really accustomed to all this random warfare. Hmm, hopefully things don’t get worse.

Convo with my dad:

Dad – You were probably scared, huh? It’s okay. North Korea always does this so don’t be scared.

Me – Yeah. It’s just weird.

Dad -But just in case … you have enough money to buy a ticket back right?!

Me – HUH?! @__@


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