I collect lesson after lesson

I know compared to others, my struggles aren’t the worse things to go through in life — but, they are struggles and ones that have really changed who I am. I really do think that life is all about attitude and how you use what you have in order to do what you can. I really see the events in my life as learning experiences. I try to make everything a lesson and the ones that strike me the hardest are the ones that get written down in my journal. The other events in my life get a pass after I mentally note them.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about suicide (NO, I don’t mean that I’m suicidal .. chill out) due to a book I was reading called Thirteen Reasons Why. It about a girl who commits suicide, but leaves recorded tapes for people who helped her get to that point of no return. The book was ALRIGHT, but the idea behind it was a lot more intriguing. The whole time I couldn’t stop feeling like — man, stop being dumb .. just get over it .. better days will come. By the end of the book though, I was really thinking, “Wow, what would push me over the edge?”.

So.. I’ve been thinking about the topic of suicide and kind of forgot about it until recently. I got the news of someone I knew had committed the same act. Wow, I kind of just stared at the message on my screen relaying the information to me — just re-reading the sentence over and over again.

To me, suicide is mind boggling. I can’t imagine taking my own life, but like I said — A struggle is a struggle. Each person is different and how they approach their life is also different. As far as I know, take each struggle in your life as a lesson and appreciate what you can at the moment when things get hard. There were many days when just being able to breathe in the early morning with the sun peaking out did wonders. Also remember to look forwards and you can always change your life .. always! Learn and grow.

It helped me.


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