Review: Hello Mr. Octo

I’ve always been the type of person who believed that you can find an adventure anywhere. You really don’t need to go to far to discover something new to do — but, of course it is a lot easier when you’re in a foreign country! Haha. However, in my previous post, I wrote that I felt like I was starting to lose my sense of NEW. I mean “new” as in, everything at every moment is exciting, new, and fun fun fun! I still believe that an adventure is alway close by — I just need to try harder to find one.

Well, I wanted to slowly start sharing my explorations and discoveries! One of my most recent ones was my trip to the Noryangjin Fish Market (dark blue line 1)! It’s the infamous fish market in Seoul and the largest. It’s pretty much like seafood for wholesale, but you can go and pick out the seafood you want to take it to a restaurant. My entire goal for visiting this market was to eat live octopus. Yes, you read that right. LIVE. OCTO. IN. MY. BELLY.

Dang, and let me make this clear — the octopus is dead! It’s that the nerves are still functioning and so it makes it twich and move. Um, it moved the whole time we were there and I mean, it slowed down eventually, but it moved if you poked it again! Hahaha.

Here are some pics of the market. We went when most of the vendors are closed, but it is open 24 hours so you will find someone open and ready to sell you seafood!

^ choosing our dinner! Haha. Oh, beware because he will wack the fish dead right in front of you. :O

^ you can’t get it more fresh than this!

I highly recommend taking a trip out there. I was glad my cousin came because she could kind of guide us on our adventure for fresh sashimi + live octopus, but they are really open to foreigners there. The vendors were all trying to hustle us in English! Haha.


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