Boys, Boys, Boys?

I try to think that I don’t suck at a lot of things in my life. I mean, I try to be mindful of my strengths and weaknesses when I choose to pursue something. But, DAMMIT, I am completely confused by the other sex. Is it really that hard to try to understand someone?

Sheesh. I really haven’t messed with these alien creatures for a couple of years. I mean, when I was in college … I was IN COLLEGE aka I was all about the college experience and not too much about the dating scene. (Okay, granted that I have a severe burn mark from Highschool — but, I mean .. that’s just a completely different subtopic. LOL)

My point is, is it too hard to ask someone to be a little more direct. What exactly are your motives? Are there even motives?

HAHA. I’ve been talking to a couple of my girls and well, its apparent that I’m kinda of paranoid and weird. I keep second guessing everything and when there is a time that it’s clear as day that I should reciprocate his affections — I totally run away. Then, there are times that I think its something and it turns out that I’m completely wrong.

This has been troubling me for the past week or so. I find it hilarious actually.





3 thoughts on “Boys, Boys, Boys?

  1. sounds like your heart is a little troubled 🙂 i’m the last one to give advice on something like this, but I hope to see future updates where things are less tangled up in your heard (and heart). 🙂

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