Happy Belated 2011!

I’ve been meaning to do a write up on the new year and how I am going to change myself and blah blah. I figure this is the best time since I was waiting for my lil sis AiKo to arrive at my doorstep and instead, I receive a msg that she’s staying at her G’ma’s place. Haha.

Spending such a big holiday like Christmas and NYE in Korea and so far away from home was really odd. It didn’t feel like anything special and I didn’t have this weird urge to evaluate my life. I feel like my life had already transitioned a lot earlier this year by graduating from college to finding a job in Korea. I don’t really feel like there is anything else I want at the moment.

I am going to miss 2010, however. I will always remember that year as a year of shifting. I felt like I was constantly shifting from one part of my life to another! I’m happy to say that I’m satisfied at where I ended up at the moment. My only wish would be to continue this shift onto something better and bigger.

If I had to pick something to focus on for 2011, it would probably be the maturity level of the heart. I’m turning 25 soon, and it’s about damn time to get out  and figure out what exactly is going to make me happy in that area. I feel like I’m stunted in the area of love. Not to say that my goal is to get a bf or find a man — that’s really retarded. I mean, more of … let’s take a look at what’s out there.

I do have to say, mingling with the other sex is quite confusing for me. I need to develop a better sense of understanding and deciphering their behavior — sometimes I am really just like o__O aka my “wth just happened” face. HAHA. I have encountered some pretty hilarious and very cute moments. As of right now, I’m enjoying the adventure and we’ll see where I’ll be in a few months.

Other than that, I’m always trying to get the most out of life and meet as many people as possible! As always, I intend to do what makes me happy and nothing else really matters.

Cheers to the new year!


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