tell me what i’m not and not what i am.

I’m fond of labels. I have to label others in order to know what to expect and what not to expect from you. I say labels as in words like friend, sister, stranger, blah blah. I also mean a label that we mutually agree on.

I admit, sometimes it gets pretty blurry because different labels carry different set of expectations for each person. The expectations I have of what a friend should be could be completely different to you. Honestly though, that’s what I love about it. It’s when you meet someone that you know you click with — I will be damned to let that go to waste. I think that’s why I’m so intense and honest with people I find that I can rely on completely and it’s simply because our expectations match.

I was thinking about this on the subway ride back home because I’m amazed how easily it was to find those types of people in Seoul when it seemed like it took years for me to find in Georgia.

The first hint is always  when someone can read me, like really read me. It always catches me off guard because it’s like he/she took a look in my head and totally called me out on it. You do that —> guaranteed loyalty from me.

Anyway, I totally wrote this blog post trying to make sense of what I wrote in the title but, it took a weird turn. Haha.

I have a tendency to feel anxiety and stressed when someone tries to tell me what I am. Which is weird because I do like labeling relationships I have with people. I thought of this because I had some things to vent about and I love a friend who tells me what I’m not rather than what I am. Telling me that I should be a stronger person is going to piss me off. Instead, telling me that I’m not weak is better.

I probably didn’t explain that right, but it makes sense to me.

Going to bed now.


One thought on “tell me what i’m not and not what i am.

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