Q/A #1

Whoa, people read my blog? Hahahaha … It’s kind of embarrassing, I rather think that no one does. Anyways, got this comment on one of my posts and I decided to answer it to help my fellow SMOE-rs out! Welcome to the program!


Hi! so I just got accepted to EPIK SMOE so I’m trying to get TEFL certified asap ^^ I’m doing the non-tutor support from ITTT which is the one you did? I was hoping if you could tell me if you had any trouble with the final exam not using a tutor. Were some instructions confusing? or it’s pretty much if I read all the units carefully I should know how to answer the exam questions? thank you!


Hello there! I wrote it on a post a couple of months ago, but YES! I recommend doing the non-tutor option if you are pressed on time. I had two weeks to finish a supposedly 2 month long program. I read it over and sat my butt down to do the test. I will warn you to clear your entire schedule because it took me a good 12 hours to finish it. I’ve researched a lot about it before hand. There are people out there that finished it in 5 hours but didn’t answer all the questions because in order to get the certification, you just have to pass. So, really it’s all on how far you are willing to go. I’m a panicky and over obsessed type — so I answered each question and wrote a lot for each answer.

The questions are really grammar based and the time consuming ones are when the test asks for activity examples. I remember there was one part where it asked for 12 different ideas or something. If you are a grammar wiz then you probably won’t have much trouble. I, on the other hand, hate grammar. The units do help though because you have to answer questions based on the units. So read them carefully so you can be familiar with where to find the answers they are looking for. Uh, other than that … I have no advice. Just do it! You’ll be fine as long as you focus for a couple of hours. I will say that I got an “A” on the test. Muahaha.

The only crap part is that if you are in a rush, you need to try to hurry the process where they grade your test. I almost had a heartattack when SMOE kept demanding my certificate and ITTT was being slow as hell on the grading process. They are located in Thailand, so time for it to ship (I’m assuming you don’t live in Thailand) is also a factor. But, if you already got accepted, I’m sure you will be fine.

Bittersweet news = There is a blog out there with a guy who recorded all the answers! It helped me a lot just to see what kind of answers they accepted. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate the blog link .. but, I swear it exists! I ran across it while I was researching whether or not to do the non-tutor program. Try to find it!

Good luck and see you on the other side of the world ❤


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