The weather has been warming up and a friend (PF) suggested that we go bike riding along the Han river that runs through the city of Seoul. Both our schools were conducting midterms for the week and we’re let out early on those days, so why not!

We met up in Jamsil (where Line 2/Green and Line 8/Pink meet) and there is a place that you can rent bicycles for free for a couple of hours as long as you show them your ID (between Exits 1 and 2).  We obviously had to get matching pink ones. Haha.

The weather was perfect except that it was a bit windy, but we rode from Jamsil up to Amsa-dong. It was great feeling the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. Unfortunately, on our way back — we were going against the wind. Let me tell you, it was like trying to run in a knee deep of water. Ow!

We made it out eventually and just seemed right to go eat tacos after. Hehe.


3 thoughts on “bicycle!

  1. I love how you’re blogging so much more! The pictures, quotes, stories are all so amazing. I may have to use one or two for my own! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Yep! Just pop up at Jamsil — the rentail place is between Exit 1 and 2. You need your ARC card and you have the bike for FREE (well, till 6pm). From there, you can petal to the Han river, but you have to go through traffic and up the highway.

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