Q/A #2

Whoa, I’m glad to see my blog is helping some people out there! Haha. I’m sorry I’m so slow with responding, but here we go.


Hi there,
I saw your post about the ITTT with no-tutor course question. I’m in a rush to apply for EPIK/SMOE, and it says that I have to finish the course by July 20th. I’m assuming that means I’ll have to hand in a copy of my certification by that date?

I think you said you did the whole course in 2 weeks, so is it really do-able in 2 ~3 weeks? And do they just email you the test file and you email it back within the 24 hours they set? I have a bit less than 2 months and am debating between the 100hr or 120 w/tutor and was wondering if you knew about the 120 hour course at all.

One more question: do the Seoul positions fill up the fastest? I’m applying really close to the deadline and just wondering if it’s even worth filling out the extra form by now.


Hello! Yes, I made the mistake of assuming that I only had to finish the course by the deadline, but you are correct — you must have the certification in your hand and ready to send to them. What I did instead was I got the ITTT people to write an email saying that I finished the course and then later they sent an additional email that I had passed. ITTT is actually placed in Thailand and so to get the certificate to me was going to take a couple of days. I eventually had to pay to rush the grading process as well.

Yes, I finished the course in two weeks. You get sent files and files of different chapters of the course. You’re responsible for reading all the material and then you sign up to take the test. I read all the chapters within two weeks and highlighted (which I strongly suggest) important definitions, examples, and such. The test is exactly 24 hours from the time you download the test to the time you turn it in. I’m not sure what they do if you are off by a couple of minutes or hours — but I didn’t take the chance. I wrote in an earlier post about my experience with the test. Long story short, it’s a pain in the ass but I was on a time crunch because I had applied late and didn’t know that I needed the certification in the first place. I knew if I did the one with the tutor that it might slow me down because you have to do one lesson at a time with the tutor and all the emailing back and forth would probably take up more time.

Now, the question about the 100 vs. 120 hours. Hm, all I know is that my recruiter (the lady who worked with me at EPIK) told me that there wasn’t a difference and that getting the 120 hour course wouldn’t help or hurt me. Which is why I just did the 100 hour course. If you are trying to go all out, do the business course (if you really really want to go all out). My priority was to get my certification and get to Korea, so I just chose to do the 100 hour one.

Lastly, GO FOR SEOUL. I am so glad that I got into SMOE and didn’t just stick to EPIK. Living in the city is a completely different experience and meeting people at your orientation is awesome because you won’t be more than 40 minutes apart by train. I know folks in EPIK and Talk who feel more isolated since they are farther away from other areas of the country. Seoul is its own entity. Does it fill up faster? I’m not really sure, I know that I just did the extra work because there was a higher salary and well, my mom made me do it. Like I mentioned earlier, I applied pretty late and I got placed in Seoul. In my interview I told them that I wanted to just be in EPIK and they told me that it was Seoul or nothing. So, I have no idea how they position people. LOL.

Hope this answers your questions! See you on this side of the world!! ❤


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