oh, wednesday

I hate Wednesdays. I’ve hated “hump day” since the beginning of March because I taught 5 classes and had a 2 hour English Conversation class afterwards. Wednesdays made me grumpy.every.week.

Today was the first Wednesday I’ve taught since I’ve been back. I woke up and took a minute to think about all the intolerable children I would be interacting with as well as how much I would probably hate my life the entire time I was teaching those 5 classes again.

Well, what do you know — life just always happens to prove you wrong and this time I’m so glad it did. I felt like since I’ve been back in Korea, I haven’t really felt like I enjoyed being back at my school. Granted, I will always appreciate my fellow teachers and I do love my students, but dammit, I didn’t look forward to coming to school and I couldn’t put a finger on why I felt that way.

Today, I loved every class. I went in there groaning and yet I see my kids super excited to see me, greeting me in Korean and in English, demanding to know where I’ve been the past two weeks … etc. Wow. I wonder if they realize how much it meant to me to see their enthusiasm to get to know ME as a person and missing me as THEIR teacher. Compliments galore today — I had one kid wait by my door before I even got in to the classroom to tell me how much he missed me and how fun my class was. I could have died from cuteness.

I know I’m gushing right now, but being a teacher — this is what makes my job rewarding. I’ve been stressing about what to do after my new contract (ends next August), but what I should be doing is focusing on the kids and the choices I’ve made today. I know days like these won’t happen everyday, but I am really grateful that the kids felt comfortable enough to tell me how much they missed me because their timing couldn’t have been any better. ❤

Okay, one more story. This kid came to my class to ask about the speaking test midterm I would be hosting next week. I told him I wouldn’t tell him which topic I would pick, but I would help him with his speech if he needed it. Then he goes, “Stella Teacher, I thought you went to GA and would not come back, but you are here!”. So I told him that I did go back to spend my vacation there and unfortunately I would be going back for good next August. His eyes opened so wide and then he just nodded and left. Sad, but so cute! It made me think though, man, this is my last year at this school. 😦


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