1st grade (7th grade)


My intermediate class today! Lesson 7: A Math Problem

They had to partner up for this activity. The student facing the board has to read four math problems written out in English. His/Her partner has to listen and write the four problems with the numbers and numerical symbols we learned today. First set of students who finish writing all four problems get some sort of candy treat from me. If they are a good class, I upgrade the candy. If they suck, I just give them dinner mints. Bwahaha.

Example of a problem: Four hundred and forty four is greater than two hundred and twenty two.

The correct answer is –> 444 > 222

Student’s answer –> 400 + 44 > 200 + 22 (lol)

This.happens.every.time! Haha. Fob mistakes are pretty cute though and I make sure to walk around to ask them to show me where in the sentence it says the word “plus” or “add”.


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