Tues 09/20

These pictures have horrible quality, but I kind of like it that way. Haha. This is what I wore to class on Tuesday! It’s funny though, a lot of us come to teach in Korea under the impression that we have to wear business casual everyday. I remember dressing up everyday for about two weeks when one of my teachers asked my why I did that. Uh, I thought I was supposed to? Hahaha. So from then on, I have been wearing jeans pretty much everyday. The only thing they will definitely side eye you about is if you show too much cleavage.

Alright, so I’m wearing one of my favorite sweaters! I got it for 10,000 won (less than 10 bucks) at one of the side streets in Myeongdong (the great shopping scene of Seoul). F21 jeans, actually, I think all my jeans are from there because I bought all of them in Korea and my green flats. The second pic is the same outfit, but what I changed in order to go out with dinner with friends. Added my vest from Aero that I got two winters ago and put on my converses! I think I have a thing for green shoes…


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