Review: Soondae Town!

I recently went to dinner with my cousin, HK, in Sillim (신림 — green line 2, southwest seoul) to a part of the city deemed Soondae Town! The English translation of soondae is blood sausage? I know it sounds a bit weird, but I’ve been eating soondae long before I found out that I was actually eating stuffed intestines. Haha. Anyway, HK took to this area because she knows I love soondae and wanted me to try their infamous 원조백순대 (soondae fried in oil). So, I wanted to share my little experience with those who might be interested in visiting!

Soondae Town!

Little did I know that this place is actually called Soondae Town in Korean. Haha. There are two major buildings with several floors of different vendors that sell soondae in all types of ways. Here is a picture of the building we went into because HK prefers this one particular vendor.

We went straight to the 4th floor and this is what it looks like! Each white sign is a different vendor and many of them have been in business for years. She said that Harvard and My Uncle’s House are the most popular ones in this building.

The one we went to — My Uncle’s House 삼촌네집. There are rows of picnic style tables with at least three portable grills on them.

The entire menu, but you pretty much order soondae fried in oil (원조백순대) or in the pepper paste (순대곱창). Please be aware that they also toss in all the fixin’s with soondae in this meal, like intestines and liver, so know what you are getting into! Haha.

Alright, so let me explain the series of pictures. We ordered the soondae cooked in oil dish and someone comes out and puts a whole bunch of food on the pan in front of you while drizzling oil on top of it at the same time. As you can see, the dish includes soondae, liver + other mysterious meats, cabbage, noodles, and a lot of sesame seeds. Just wait a bit and someone will come stir fry everything up in front of you and once he/she sets the metal bowl full of pepper paste in the middle, you can start eating.

How do you eat this? Of course, koreans love everything on a lettuce leaf and in this case it’s on a sesame leaf. All you have to do is load it, wrap it, and stuff it in your mouth .. ho. Hahaha. Enjoy!

Directions: Go to Sillim (신림 — green line 2, southwest seoul) and leave out of Exit 3. Go straight out of the exit and take the first right. You should be taking that right in front of a Watson’s store. The Soondae Town building we went to is on your right, it’s not even a block down.

Oh, did I mention that you get a free bottle of cider?! YUM.

(Soondae Town – Floors 2, 3, 4, 5)


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