Thurs 09/22

What I wore out Thursday night to the weekly trivia night at Dillingers in Itaewon! I rounded up a couple of folks to go this past Thursday because its been a while since we’ve all gotten together over drinks and been mind boggled by pop culture or history questions. Haha.

If anyone is interested in the trivia night — it’s every Thursday at 9pm at Dillingers Bar in Itaewon on line 6. First prize gets a 40,000won bar tab and second place gets a pitcher of beer. I love this place because I’m a huge gin + tonic fan and they have these 6,000 won mason jars! It’s like drinking two of any popular liquor/juice combo for the price of one! YUMMM. Warning — drink more than three and you are bound to be a little loopy. πŸ˜‰

This is picture from St. Patricks Day a few months back when the same bar hosted a flip club challenge. Of course I had to get my green beer fix! You can see the mason jar in the middle. Hehe.

Back to the outfit: It’s the first time I wore this outfit out! I got a lot out compliments on the jacket, so it was a good purchase I assume. Haha. The jacket is from the store Papaya back in the states. It was like 25 dollars? I didn’t have a lot of time to shop when I went back home for 3 weeks this past August, so I just grabbed it because I’ve been looking for a fake leather jacket of some sort for a while. The shirt I wore is this flowy purple/bluse shirt that I ALWAYS wear (it’s so damn comfy). I got the shirt for 5,000 won (less than 5 bucks) at one of the small side street stores in Korea. F21 jeans that I bought for 14,000 won and my flat black boots from F21 as well for 25,000 won.



3 thoughts on “Thurs 09/22

  1. Haha, no problem! It’s not one of the major bars, but they have a good amount of followers…like me! If you see an Asian girl with a blonde streak in her hair — come up and say hey! Hope you enjoy the trivia!

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