Ramen never tasted better

I recently got a bike from my uncle (could have sworn I wrote about this already ..) and I’ve been riding it along the Han river whenever I get a chance to. I usually wake up on Sundays and feel an urge to do something active. Well, a few weeks ago I took a ride and found myself craving the breakfast of champions! — ramen. Bwahah.

Whenever you are along the river, there are several convenience stores along the path for customers to stop by to grab a drink, stay to eat, or just socialize. I went to grab a pack a ramen in a tin foil pan and asked where the hot water was. Lo and behold that they actually have a really inventive machine to cook your ramen for you! Haha, I wanted to document this interesting experience and so, here you are.

The pictures helped a lot, but I think the man who owned the store knew that I wasn’t fully aware of how to work this machine because he came out and stood next to me while I prepared my ramen. Haha. This machine is works completely free after you buy your ramen in a pan.

1. Open your pack of ramen and put it in the tin foil pan — then shake all your seasonings on that ho.
2. Put your ramen on one of the stove tops (yes, it actually heats up) and push the START button.
3. Hot water will pour down and while the stove top gets the water boiling, shake shake shake those noodles.
4. The guy told me to wait about 3 minutes — but I like my noodles a little undercooked, so I just eyeballed it and took my ramen from the machine to the nearest plastic table to chow down.

^ Step 2

^ Just waiting for the water to boil.

^ This is what it looks like after I swished my noodles around! *btw, you can also buy a raw egg to cook with this ramen by the counter!

^ My view of the river while I was eating!


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