Review: Cafe Reason 카페 이유

Welcome to Cafe Reason (이유) in Amsa-dong, Seoul! I stumbled upon this place while I was walking through the back streets of Amsa from the school that I teach to the subway station. It’s really in a random area of Amsa. I finally had a chance to go check it out and I’ve been there three times now. It’s so cute!

This is the only sign you can see from the street.

 What would catch most people’s eyes is the car that is parked next to the cafe. I made my friend pose with the car. Hehe.

This cafe advertises hand-dripped coffee and has a pretty small menu, but with everything you need. They sell the popular coffee drinks (like my new fav — caramel macchiato) to lemon/orange-ades and icecream. The same guy works there every evening and I even saw him roasting coffee beans yesterday.

Most drinks are around 4,500 – 5,000 won.

Once we sat around forever and he came up to offer us free Americanos (black coffee). Holler!

I love all the little accents of this cafe. There are so many little figurines, paintings, and gadgets to look at. My favorite has to be the up-side-down plants hanging form the ceiling. Oh, and the old school Mac computer (that still works and is pink!).

My cup of caramel macchiato — SO GOOD! He always gives us a side of pretzels as well as various foam patterns in our drinks. ㅋㅋ

Directions for those who want to venture out to Amsa: Go out of Exit 1 and go straight four blocks. You will be at a four-way stop called 선사 사거리. There will be a giant GS gas station ahead of you, but instead of crossing the street to get to it, you will take a right. (So, the GS will now be on your left-hand side). Go straight for two blocks (there will be a Tous Les Jours bakery on left-hand side now) and take another right. The cafe is on your right down this street.

I wrote directions for like that longest way possible, but its because the side streets are hard to identify and this is probably the easiest way until you know your way around Amsa. Haha. Enjoy!


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