Review: Mandoo Gol 만두골

Sabrina and I went to try this new restaurant in my lovely neighborhood — AMSA! We would be eating dumplings from the looks of it, but other than that, I had no idea what to order. Fortunately this place only sells one menu item because it’s a dumpling jeon-gol (전골).

What is that?

전골 Jeon-gohl;  large spicy stew generally for two persons minimum due to extensive assortment of ingredients; spicy stew prepared with spicy broth in large paella pan-like stew pot; served hot on the table on portable stove (

Let’s EAT!

This restaurants requires you to take off your shoes (welcome to Asia) and put your pair on one of those shelves. Walk your way over to any table you desire.

So, we sit down and like I said, I had no idea what to order. The lady seemed to understand this and just asked how many people would be eating. I raised two of my fingers and she scurried away to bring this to our table. Dinner for two! In this pot are assorted veggies (napa cabbage, mushrooms, squash), ricecakes, and six huge dumplings. OMG so good. There is also a dollop of a red pepper mixture in the middle in order to make the soup a bit spicier.

They also give you four dumplings on the side for you to cook in later (total of 10 dumplings — 5 a person). The noodles are for the very end of the meal. *It’s okay and expected for you to ask for more broth later on in the meal — so don’t be afraid. 😛

Cook and ready for consumption! Yummmm. 😉 Just pick out your dumpling with whatever veggies you want and add some soysauce.

The best part about this place was that they gave you a free sample of their dongdong-ju (동동주). It’s another type of rice wine and pretty easy to swallow. Wait, what?

Anywho, I’m pretty sure not all of you will make your way down to Amsa, but I’m sure there are plenty of mando-jeongol’s out there. Now that you know what it is, seek and devour!

Directions: Exit 4 out of Amsa and go straight for 4 blocks. It’s on your left and on the corner of 선사 사거리 (four-way stop).


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