16th Pre-Historic Culture Festival of Gangdong (강동 선사문화축제)

SMOE sends NETs (Native English Teachers) to a couple of teaching seminars/workshops while you are under their contract. It’s usually once or twice a semester and pretty much about the same thing — how to co-teach, how to improve, how to lesson plan, blah blah.

I got sent to one last Friday and it was supposed to be from 8:30am to 5:00pm. However, we found out later that we would be taking a field trip! Haha. Well, technically we all groaned at the thought of taking a trip with all 60 of us until we realized that this actually meant we could run away. I was personally very excited since the field trip would take place in AMSA! Dun dun dunnnn. Seriously, I just got a personal bus ride from Kunkuk to where I live since it’s a few blocks from the Pre-Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul. Holler!

Where the eff did we go?

Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement is a historic settlement dating back to 7,000 B.C – 10,000 B.C (Neolithic period). The settlement site which is located near the Hangang river was first discovered in 1925. The Hangang river flooded the area and washed away the soil. After the area dried up, foundations from an old settlement and artifacts were discovered. (ExploringKorea.com)

You can find these straw huts everywhere. The Pre-Historic Settlement is a huge enclosed circle of cave people replicas, straw huts, and wooden animal sculptures.

You can actually go in one of the huts and see something like this.

Sexy legs!

If you were ever wondering how these people lived .. well, here you are!

There’s also a pretty big museum as well. You can see the artifacts they found and learn how the pottery, huts, and such were made. I was told that these crater type of models were molded on top of the actual settlement? I’m not sure though.

A lot of people thought this place was boring and yes, it’s not the most exciting place for sure. However, I’d like to think it’s worth visiting … especially during FESTIVAL time! If there is one thing that the Koreans love, it’s festivals. You name something Korean — they have a festival dedicated to it somewhere in this country.

Why do I like festivals? It’s because it is a guaranteed grand ol’ time of street food vendors, colorful flowers, live music, free admission, various arts and crafts booths, and most importantly … encouraged afternoon boozing. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Dude, I could watch this guy make noodles for hours.

This is my third festival I’ve been to. I went to the Green Tea Festival in Boseong and the Firefly Festival in Muju. Each one is a blast and it really gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture. Check it out!

Directions to the Amsa Pre-Historic Site: Walk out of Exit 1 or 4 and go straight for like 8 blocks. It’s on the left-hand side and you definitely can’t miss it. However, it’s a pretty far walk so take a taxi (they all know where it is) or you can get on the 02 local gangdong bus right out of Exit 1 and it will drop you off halfway there at 선사 사거리.

Note that the Pre-Historic Culture Festival happens once a year in the fall and lasts for three days. If I went again, I would go on the last day (Sunday) because that is when all the celebrities come out to perform and they have a huge end of the festival fireworks show!

Here is also a link of a great blog entry about the festival/site: http://smileyjkl.blogspot.com


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