Post 03

Crap, I knew I would forget about this 30 Post Challenge! Haha. Good thing I got tired of writing reviews on things I’ve done or eaten around Seoul. It’s really time consuming to write those things up between teaching classes.

A picture of you and your friends.

Oh, now I remember why I didn’t write this earlier. It’s mainly because I have a problem with the word — friends. Actually, no, I have a problem with that word being plural. I have certain people who are close to me, but they aren’t all part of one group. Although now that I think about it, it would be really hilarious for all those people to meet. It would probably be really weird.

So, if I was to choose one person? It would be this bizotch right hurrrr. Why? Well, she’s been my sorority big sis for about 7 years now and we’ve gone from strangers to best friends. The first person I call and the last person I have to worry about because she already knows what I’m thinking. She’s also one of the very few people I will actually listen to and ask for advice. At the same time, she’s the ho shoving alcohol down your throat — obv it’s a person I can trust. Haha. Cheers to many more years of debauchery!

From my visit to GA this past August — a brief but whirlwind bff reunion! Did a lot of damage too … like fighting for our $2 at the strip club … cough cough.

30 post project


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