I’m always on the look out when it comes to finding music to listen to. I collect different singles that I instantly like rather than follow one artist/group (unless it’s musiq soulchild — yes!). I like to have different types of music for my various types of moods. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want to listen to because all I want to do is zone out at work. I found these various sites and thought I should pay it forward for others who love finding music that isn’t on the billboards. — It’s great because other people share their playlists with you. I’ve found some really great playlists and also found new songs this way. — LOVE this! Seriously. All I have to do is pick what mood I’m feeling and it gives me like 200 hundred song to pick from. I usually just let it play and skip the songs I don’t like. Words I pick most often: dreamy + chill out. — You can “tune in” to stations from around the world. The only part that sucks is that V103 (ATL swag swag swag) isn’t available — BOO!! Lol. It’s nice to listen to stations in English once in a while. — ❤ ❤ ❤ this website! It’s all based on music videos and once you put in one artist, it recommends like 20 other artists/bands/groups.



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