Fri 10/14

TGIF!! It’s been a long week since I really haven’t done a proper lesson for all of September with the speaking tests and midterms (deskwarming galore!) held that month. It’s mid-October here in good ol’ Seoul and I woke up to a drizzling Friday morning. 😉 I remembered that I haven’t uploaded an elevator post — so here you are. Haha.


I wore my hair up today because I came home late last night and slept till about 8am. I didn’t have time to shower and make it to work in a timely manner (aka I was lazy) so I just tied it up, put on some clothes and headed out of my apt by 8:20am. Hahaha.

Outfit: Shirt/Pants/Boots = guess where … F21! Ugh, I really need to branch out when it comes to shopping, but everything they have is so cheap here. O.o The pants are actually kind of like jeggings (jean + leggings). They look like pants but the waist part is this just elastic — super comfy! I have to wear it with a long shirt though. I love the shape of my shirt because it gathers right below my chest but then flares out (really awesome for “I feel fat” days). My red knit cardigan was 10,000 won from one of the stalls at the subway stations. I wanted to brighten up my outfit a little. I got my trusty black fleece Northface jacket and umbrella in hand, ready to work!


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