Whenever I play games in my classes, especially with my first graders, the students tend to get overly excited. It’s definitely a thrill though and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Sometimes it can get a little difficult to see which one of the groups raised their hand first to answer a question. If there is anything Korean students respect, it’s being unbiased and so I started to ask them to do different things like put your book in the air, put two hands up, or show me your cellphone. Whoever would do it the fastest for their group would be the one to answer the first question in that particular round. It’s a blast because all the kids have started to remember what I usually ask them to do and they lay out all their materials in front of them, ready to raise whatever I call out. Hahaha.

Today …

Me: Alright, everyone put your hands down! Please put your …

*Students are quietly staring at me with intense focus and their little hands hovering over their books and all the materials in their pencil cases sprawled out*

Me: Hmm … please raise two ERASERS, one in EACH hand!

Students jump up pulling on their ears and yelling my name.

Me: ….. Uh, what are you doing?!

Kids: (speaking in Korean) Didn’t she say EARS?!


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