Review: Soondae

I absolutely love Soondae! It’s the infamous Korean blood sausage that is steamed and usually stuffed with glass noodles. I actually have a deep appreciation for mystery meat (spam lover right here!). I’ve been eating soondae for years and it always reminds me of my mother + grandmother because we always got it as a snack at the local Korean market in Atlanta. There was a lady in the corner that would give out free samples. It was my favorite thing to do when we went shopping on Sundays and pretty soon it became part of our Sunday grocery shopping routine.

Once in a while there would be this older woman sitting in the back of her truck and selling soondae outside of my school. I pass her every now and then on my way home. I’m always cursing at myself because I don’t have cash on me or I had already made dinner plans and didn’t want to ruin my appetite when she happens to be outside. One day I got tired of making excuses and I stopped by. đŸ™‚



I’ve never had the white looking kind before! It’s a little more rubbery, but the stuffing is so good! It has chives or something mixed in it. I actually had to stop her from giving me more and now I wish I hadn’t. It was so yummy. I had a nice chat with her about where I was from and America and all that. lol


Whenever you get soondae, they’ll ask you if you want all the trimmings with it. It’s usually liver or some sort of cartilage. They also usually give you a salt pack that you can dip your soondae as well as this small cup of tiny salted shrimp thing. She didn’t have one though.

If you’ve never tried it, you should!


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