Review: Craftworks — Thanksgiving in Seoul!

My favorite holiday of the year has come and gone. I’ve written about Thanksgiving on this blog a couple of times. I spent the holiday with a few of my closest friends for dinner at Craftworks! It’s in Itaewon, but it’s a little further down towards Haebangchon (better known as HBC — another foreign friendly area). You can find the directions on their website.

This was the first time I’ve been to Craftworks or tried to find a proper turkey meal in Seoul. The meal was around 27,000 and it was advertised to include dessert. I’m not a huge fan of the sweets, but no proper Thanksgiving meal can go without some pumpkin pie! Craftworks also brews their own beer and for 5,000 won per glass — hey hey heyyy.

You pretty much get huge slabs of turkey over big pieces of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and almond garnished seasoned greenbeans. My favorite part has to be the inclusion of cranberry sauce — uh, HELL YES. It’s also been too long since I’ve had gravy. Far, far too long. 😦

A closer look!

You can choose from having pumpkin pie or apple pie (with icecream). Yummm.

I hope everyone in Seoul had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I’m truly thankful for the group of friends I’ve made in this city. I’m thankful for being in such great company. ❤


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