Review: Turkey for the Holidays!!

I am starting to realize that everything I’m doing from this point on is going to be some of my last experiences in Korea. My contract ends next August, but I know this is the last winter I’ll be experiencing or teaching camp or making lesson plans… etc. Of course the entire Korean experience is nothing without the people who have been by your side from the beginning and experiencing the same moments with you!

So, in order to make some last memorable hoorahs, I decided to throw a little get together in my cozy (tiny) officetel! Whooooo!! Which bring me to this subject….


There are several ways to get turkey in your belly during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Itaewon is going to be your main source of turkey action since there are a lot of restaurants that will host turkey dinners for around 25,000 – 40,000 won. I would say that from my research, as a lover of turkey, the prices during Christmas are wayyyy more higher, but there are more buffet type of dinners available.

Now, if you want to actually BUY a roasted turkey, that’s a different story. I have been stressing out the past two days because I decided that it would be a really good idea to promise all my friends a turkey dinner at my place without realizing how difficult it could get. Hahaha, but what can I say? When I host, I go big or go home.

These were my two best options (in my opinion):

1. The infamous Dragon Hill Lodge – The Deli

Pros – $99.95 for a turkey set that feeds about 12ish people! It’s probably the best deal since it comes with several sides: mashed potatoes, gravy, beans almondine, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and stuffing! You can also order the turkey or a ham by itself as well.

Cons – The major con to this is finding someone to get you on base! The Deli stopped having the option to meet you at the gate to deliver the food off base and so you need to black mail … I mean, ask kindly for someone to do you a favor and let you on base! Haha. You also have to have the ability to pay in good ol’ American dollars.

Check out this blog entry from to find an updated contact list and a menu!

2. The fairly new

Pros – For 89,500 won (about $77), you can get a turkey delivered right to your door!! I also really like the payment plan on the website. All you have to do is make a username, make your order, and go to the nearest ATM to transfer your wons to their bank account. I also had several questions about their holiday delivery schedule (they usually only deliver on Wednesdays) and they replied back to me within the hour. All in all, I had a pleasant experience with them.

Cons – The turkey is slightly smaller, feeding about 8ish people, and it doesn’t come with anything except some stuffing. Also, they are based in Busan and I’m not too sure how the turkey would have looked like by the time it got to Seoul or if they have places in Seoul that they are roasting these turkeys at. Either way, it was a good back up option for me if I couldn’t find anyone on base to let me in.

I made it my mission to get my hands on the turkey set from the Dragon Hill Lodge. Luckily I found at least three people come through for me!! 😀 It’s good to have friends with connections.. ㅋㅋ I will have to do another blog entry about how the food turns out. Hopefully it’s as delicious as a lot of the reviews say it is!

Merry Holidays folks ❤


*Update!: The food from base was sooooo good! It was nice to eat a true American meal in Korea with all my friends at home. I had about 14 people over and we did a good job on the turkey, but I had a lot of ham left. I am still eating ham. -__- Haha. I’d say that it wasn’t the best Thanksgiving/Christmas meal, but it was still worth every penny since we’re overseas. I had a blast with everyone and I know we enjoyed eating plate after plate after plate… hehe.

Everything was nicely wrapped and stuffed in one cardboard box. It stayed warm for a while, so no reheating (aka using the microwave) was required. I got extra gravy, but it really wasn’t needed. Hope others can enjoy the same type of meal next time!

Cheers!! 😀

Oh, and I had a weird “DURH” moment when I unwrapped the ham. I guess I thought it would be pre-sliced. I know, first world problems! Haha. I actually had to go ask a neighbor for another knife since I only had one in my apartment and it was being used to slice (more like hacking) the turkey.


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