#Aries: These are all dead on with me.

#Aries has about a dozen different groups of friends. We like being certain ways around certain people.

#Aries most always start out with a plan. Mostly with a list and organization. From There we go crazy and it’s all ballz out.

An #Aries will publicly end a relationship quicker than they will announce having a relationship.

An #Aries can talk for hours if they trust you. Doesn’t mean we want or need your advice. So just ask us if your advice is wanted.

#Aries instantly analyzes everything from your actions, words, silence, clothing, motions, stare. We’ll read u like a book.

#Aries are extremists. Nothing in the middle. Love u or hate you. Trust u or not. We go with our instincts and they’re usually dead on.

#Aries seem serious all the time, but our sarcasm can be so subtle u have no idea we are ripping you apart and laughing on the inside.

#Aries always gives enough warnings about our feelings n what we want. So how can U wonder what happened? You weren’t listening..

#Aries can’t stand dreamers.. Just dreaming and not doing shit about it. Believe in yourself or give it up and shut up.

To calm ourselves, #Aries should try bein alone and productive, working out, shopping, listening to music, or watching/listening to comedy.




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