7 months

Technically I’m in limbo right now as vacation season kicks in for all the teachers this weekend since our English camps will be ending this week. I will be in and out of the country till the new academic semester starts in March! I’m blessed to have an opportunity and the means to continue my travel adventures. I went to Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan last year. This time around, I will be going to China (Beijing), Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I’m a lucky girl for sure. 🙂

However, there are also a lot of thoughts weighing me down. My mentality has changed a lot in the past weeks after realizing that I could count number of months on my teaching contract with a few fingers and I know time is just going to fly by once school starts again. There is definitely some fear about my future and a lot of debate going through my head whenever I have a moment to think (which is very often). I’ve also been having a hard time falling asleep and it’s probably subconsciously related to all the worrying I’ve been doing.

The hardest part for me is finding the confidence in choosing the direction I want to take my life. I can probably name two..maybe three major points of transition in my life where I spent weeks/months stressing out on this same exact problem. Where do I want to go and what do I want to do? Damn you uncertainty and my indecisive nature! Haha.

I am starting to do everything I can to start preparing myself for what lies after Korea. I may not be sure of what I want to do just yet, but I’ll be ready. My plan is to start eating better, spending better, saving better, and researching the crap out of several programs I’m interested in. I’m also starting to focus on improving my Korean and making more money on the side. Another thing is that for the first time ever, I’m slowly warming up to the idea of creating a 5 year plan. That doesn’t mean I want to dictate everything I am going to do at this moment, but I do want a rough outline of different things I expect myself to achieve by the age of 30.

Ugh, why is 30 so close…

Cheers! xxox


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