take the leap

think. think. think.

Instead of making resolutions on January 1st like most people, I decided a couple weeks ago that I would make some changes in my life starting March 1st. I made this decision mostly because it’s the beginning of my birthday month (yes, I think I am that important to have an entire month dedicated to myself) and also because it would be the beginning of the end of my teaching contract. However, I am even more delighted to have procrastinated on declaring my resolutions till March 1st because it’s leap year this year! I didn’t realize this until, well, just an hour ago, but I am extremely excited to be alive on a day that doesn’t really exist. Happy February 29th!!

Resolutions: My goal is to focus on these until August and re-adjust the goals to fit the next part of my life.

1. Quit smoking. Cold. Hard. Turkey.
2. Save “x” amount of money each month left on my contract.
3. Find/Apply/Accept my next step for this September.
4. Stay physically active.

I really don’t think it will be that hard because I’m pretty motivated to prove that I can do all these things within 6 months. It’s more like a to-do list than anything else. Haha.

Wish me luck!


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