Review: Mini Sashimi Bar 미니회바

I love eating raw fish and I’m always looking for new restaurants to go to. I’ve always noticed this really small restaurant in Cheonho called 미니회바  (literally translates to mini sashimi bar). It’s wedged between other restaurants and seems really out of place around all the korean bbq hot spots in the nearby area. A couple of friends and I decided to finally make our way over there and check it out!

It’s pretty similar to small sushi stands in Japan. I visited Tokyo this past September and really loved the personal experience you get by being able to sit so close to the sushi/sashimi chef while he’s preparing your meal. It was great to see that you can  have a similar encounter right in Seoul. 🙂

Take a look!



For 10,000 won, you can get a plate of 10 assorted nigiri pieces or 10 nigiri pieces of the same white fish.


You could also order plates of sashimi. VD was with us and she is a huge lover of tuna. This plate of tuna was 18,000 won. The only downfall was that it was frozen, so it took some time for it to be presented, but the chef did suggest that she not get the tuna since he didn’t have it readily available. She got it anyways. Haha.

There’s the chef!! He thought we didn’t know how to eat Japanese food since it took us a while to order. We were actually waiting for AiKo (our token Korean friend) to arrive so she could explain all the different choices. 😛


I definitely would go back again. It’s nice to have a sushi place near me and it tasted really good! If you are ever in the area, give it a try. You can also tag his wall. Hehe.


Directions: Get out of Exit 6 at Cheonho Station (Line 5 and Line 8). Walk straight and you will see this mini sushi bar on your right. It’s before the large set of ddukbokki (spicy ricecake) stands!


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