Review: Sushi Nori

Sushi Nori is probably my favorite restaurant when I have a craving for, not only sushi, but for ROLLS. It is hard as a mofo to find sushi rollls in Korea. Most of the Korean population seem to enjoy sashimi the most (my dad included).

I actually found out about this place when VD (remember the girl who loves tuna?) said she noticed a sushi restaurant near our favorite bar. We are always craving sushi, so we decided to give it a shot and it was well worth the trip! We ended up ordering 5 plates of rolls and almost threw up trying to eat all of it. Funny because even the waitress warned us that we may be ordering too much. Obviously we took that as a direct challenge, but she ended up being right. Haha.


They also have sets of nigri! This assortment was around 9000won, but they have smaller plates of assortments as well.


Prices will be around 10,000won, but you can definitely find rolls that are cheaper. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully as there are some rolls that were definitely a miss. Beware of cheese. Haha.

A lot of people have seen my pictures of sushi from Suhi Nori on FB and constantly ask me where they can find this restaurant. Hopefully those who venture out to Sincheon can find this place as equally delicious. Enjoy!


It’s above the Santafe Bar, but you have to go around back to find the restaurant.


Oh, and FYI: this place closes on Sundays. I made that mistake twice. ㅠㅠ

Directions: Sushi Nori is in Sincheon (next to Jamsil on Line 2). Walk out of exit 4 and head straight until you see an Adidas store on your left. The Adidas store is at a corner and you have to take a left there. You will also see a McDonalds on your right. Go straight and turn right at Sim’s Cafe on your right corner. Go straight again for about 2 or 3 blocks until you reach a blue convenience store on your left (Whitney’s Cafe will be on your right). Take a left on the road and go straight. Sushi Nori will be on your right!


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