Travels: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Nasi Lemak

I always ask the same two questions when I go to a different country. The first is to find out how to ask where the bathroom is in the said country’s language. The second is finding out what I should eat. Hahaha. I feel like the real way to discover a culture is to see what kind of food they are eating. I mean, would you visit Korea and not eat kimchi? Hell no.

So I asked our taxi driver what dish Malaysia is known for and he told me to try Nasi Lemak. I will warn you that it is a bit on the spicy side, but for the most part it was really good! I personally love anchovies and so the fried anchovies on the side were a nice surprise. The chicken was seasoned really well. It looks like a regular piece of fried chicken, but NO, it is sooooooo good! I just kinda mixed a piece of everything with the coconut infused rice and ate away. Cucumbers are a good idea to soften the spiciness. Try it!


**This blog post is part of my 2week trip to Malaysia/Cambodia/Vietnam. Click on the link to see what else I’ve done!


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